Winged Water Starwort

Callitriche marginata

Callitrichaceae Family (Water Starwort)


Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Floating rosettes on long stems during aquatic phase.
  • Small tufts adhering to soil during terrestrial phase. Four nutlets with winged margins. Pedicels elongate to push the seeds underground.


  • Vernal pools and other seasonal wetlands.

Additional Information

  • Native. Occurs from British Columbia to Baja California.
  • Flowering time: February - April.
  • May not be the only Callitriche on Mather Field. Plants with no floating leaves would be C. hermaphroditica (vernal pools) and those with sessile fruit would be C. heterophylla (streams).
  • Additional images from CalPhotos.
  • Treatment from Jepson Manual.



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